Gardener pruning a cypress tree with a chainsaw on a crane

Crane Tree Removal (Expert Tree Service)

A tree crane lifts the tree out of the area, piece by piece. It is moved to a safe location away from other trees or structures. The ground crew cuts the wood down into smaller sizes and runs the limbs through a chipper.

Tree work, pruning operations. Crane and pine wood forest

A tree care company will generally give you a free estimate in order to have a tree removed. The crew will come out and assess whether or not the tree work will require a tree crane and a lift.

If they decide that you do need this exceptional service, they will assemble a team that will remove a tree in a safe and efficient manner.

Crane Operator Tree service

A tree service company can use complex rigging to remove a large tree with a disease. Crane service is available for both residential and commercial jobs, including utility line removal.

Proper equipment is needed when removing trees when performing crane tree removal. The surrounding area plays a role in determining which equipment is needed.

Arborist men with chainsaw and lifting platform cutting a tree.
Arborist men with chainsaw and lifting platform cutting a tree.

Crane Tree Removal Equipment

Crane operators can use a bucket truck, cherry picker, or boom truck with a hydraulic arm attachment. The larger the crane, the more complex rigging is required, and additional gear is needed during tree removal using a crane.

Low stretch slings are used for rigging. These are safe and help the rigger move along the wood of the tree.

Other Misc Tree Crane Equipment

  • Tree Crane Boom Trucks
  • Log Loaders & Knuckle Booms
  • Lift Bucket Trucks
  • Steel Cable
  • Yard Cleaner
  • Lift
  • Nylon Strap
Arborist men with chainsaw and lifting platform cutting a tree
Arborist men with chainsaw and lifting platform cutting a tree

Ground Crew (Crane Operation)

Crane operators using crane-assisted tree removal gear aren’t always certified arborists. However, they are required to operate the cranes in a safe manner and follow all safety guidelines. During the job, the ground crew is responsible for clearing a path and making sure that branches and stumps don’t create a risk.

They are also responsible for the final clean-up, chipping, and removal of branches after the tree is gone.

Proper certification is not required for crane-assisted tree removal. But it’s important to hire an experienced operator with knowledge of rigging techniques and proper use of all tools used.

This can minimize issues during the process and increase the safety of workers while they remove trees. Hand signals and radio communication are used to communicate with the ground crew while performing crane-assisted tree removal.

Equiped worker pruning a tree on a crane. Gardening works
Equiped worker pruning a tree on a crane. Gardening works

Efficient Tree Care Team (Safety)

The equipment used varies depending on the size of the tree, surrounding trees, and other factors. Other trees in the area may require a specialized piece of tree removal equipment.

The type of crane being used also plays a role in how complex tree care can become.

There are small hydraulic cranes that are mobile and do a wonderful job for residential tree work. There are very large cranes that require a massive boom truck to attach to the crane and do an excellent job on larger crane-assisted tree removals.

Crane-Assisted Tree Removals Can Help You

  • Safely Remove Very Large Trees
  • Increase Safety to Property and People
  • Improve Efficiency of Removal
  • Reduce Impact to Yard and Property
  • Allow Tree Removals When There is No “Drop Zone”
Arborist men with chainsaw and lifting platform cutting a tree.
Arborist men with chainsaw and lifting platform cutting a tree.

Tree care services

Tree care service requires an extensive training process especially when crane operators are involved. Each tree care service company should have a training program to ensure all employees are competent and safe.

Traditional Tree Removal Methods

The problem with a tree falling is that it does not always fall on the limited area you want, so it is common for a tree service expert to do some corrective trimming prior to removing the tree.

Tree services that require a crane for removing trees may still use traditional climbing and rigging techniques in conjunction with the crane. Or they may choose to do a full cut down and removal which requires bringing up all of the materials from the ground.

When a Crane is Needed.

Using a crane for tree service allows a crane operator or other certified arborists to remove trees from locations that would otherwise be difficult or dangerous to reach, including areas within close proximity to buildings, electrical wires, roads, and sidewalks. This allows for the safe removal of large trees that are weakening or dead.

Worker writing the number of fir trees and having a big stack of timbers in the truck and a crane
Worker writing the number of fir trees and having a big stack of timbers in the truck and a crane

Tree Removal From Close Proximity To Buildings Or Other Structures

If you have a large tree that is dead or dying on your property and need to remove it, your safest bet is to call a professional tree service company.

Crane Tree Removal Process

There are certain situations where it makes sense not to remove all of the surrounding trees and instead focus on the one in question. But if you find yourself stuck between keeping all of your trees or just letting them go, it is best to let professionals handle this task.


Pest infestations can cause a tree to rot out and make for difficult tree removal. There are risks involved in a situation like this, and a professional knows how to mitigate those risks. They will also know which trees on your property should be cut down because of the stress they put on one another from being too close or from wind damage.


Unsound trees can fall down in wind or storm conditions. This presents a risk to life and property, so it only makes sense to remove them when they are no longer safe to maintain. While some people attempt to hold out until the last minute before hiring professionals, this usually results in an emergency situation that is even more expensive than if you had just hired someone earlier.

If the tree is unsafe, such as in the case of disease or one at risk for falling on its own due to rot, you can often use a crane to remove large parts of it and leave some still standing. This allows you to maintain the shape while decreasing the weight load and making it safer.

Tall Grass and Other Hazards (Perfectly Level)

Hazardous trees can be removed using a crane service. The bulk of the tree is brought up and then cut into smaller pieces to fit in a chipper, which will turn it all into mulch that can be used as compost or spread over your yard for landscaping purposes.

Power lines are dangerous. You really should not touch trees that are too close to power lines; it is best left to the professionals who know what they are doing and will ensure you do not cause any damage to your property.

Tree climbers working with a crane can remove many trees from difficult locations.

A tree can weigh hundreds of pounds so a crane is the only way to safely get them down. You may need this option if a large branch or entire tree is hanging over your house. Minimal impact on the environment is possible if a crane is used for tree removal.

When there is a difficult tree removal process that is not safe to do yourself, it is best to call in a professional. They will know how to handle the job and get the tree safely removed.

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